Steve and Laura met in 2014 and fell instantly in love after both searched for that "perfect" relationship. They met on Match (yes it can actually work :)) and have been inseparable ever since that fateful day in August, 2014.

Their first meeting was a simple lunch date. Before they knew, they had spent 7 hours at lunch, at the same table engrossed in conversation. A couple of bottles of wine and two server changes later, they knew they were hooked. This was one of those"magic" moments when you just know it is right. Exactly one year later on the same date as their 7 Hour Lunch, Steve and Laura were married at 11:11am. The minister that officiated their ceremony stated that they had met at "The Perfect Time" in their lives. Staura = Steve+Laura. The winery stemmed from their mutual love of wine and they started the winery to celebrate their love for each other and find a way to bottle their passion. Steve and Laura hope that you feel the love they put into every bottle of wine they create.


Though Steve had a passion for wine all of his adult life, it wasn't until around 2010 that he delved into the wine world with professional learning. Now a level 2 Sommelier, he is delighted to take the knowledge he has garnered through the years to fine tune the offerings from Staura Boutique Wines. "Making wine is like connecting with what the earth provides and adding my own personal touch to co-create something unique and beautiful for others to enjoy" - Steve








Combining their thirst and love for wine, Steve and Laura are able to craft wine with passion and purpose.

As a Level 2 Sommelier, Steve knows where to source the best fruit for each varietal and how to craft the wines to highlight each wines's nuances. Passion is the cornerstone of Staura Cellars and can be tasted in every bottle.


Steve and Laura are blessed with a beautiful blended family. Their oldest son, Tommy, has special needs and Steve and Laura have always had a heart for helping and serving their community. Staura is dedicated to donating a portion of their proceeds to help those with disabilities and mental illness.